TabSchool is a collaborative, open-source platform that offers high quality e-learning games and resources via tablets to underserved children globally. TabSchool is your one-stop-shop for both creating and distributing e-learning content.

Our content is customizable with our Game Changer feature – equipping educators, governments and organizations with personalized tools to meet evolving learning needs. TabSchool makes learning fun and easy, yields real learning results, and is accessible to anyone with the desire to learn.

Quality Content

TabSchool is the most comprehensive and flexible creator of open educational resources. We publish high quality content that makes learning fun and easy, yields real learning results, and aligns with curricular standards. At TabSchool, we build content globally to teach locally.

Game Changer

TabSchool game and book creation tools are free and easy to use. Our ‘Game Changer’ allows anyone to customize characters visuals, and content, while voiceovers can be translated into any language. With our Book Creator, you can create, edit and voice your own interactive books.


TabSchool enables e-learning for children who are the hardest to reach – those who lack access to technology, Internet, and electricity. We source low-cost, energy-efficient hardware so students can access content offline using tablets powered by renewable energy.

The Need

263 million

children worldwide are out of school.
And countless more never learn to read
or write.


of children globally are taught in a language they do not understand.

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TabSchool class packages include 10-20 student tablets, headphones, one teacher laptop that acts as a server and synchronizes to student tablets, and a solar charging station. While offline, students can access TabSchool games and books, and the teacher can use a dashboard to monitor their progress.

By partnering with Governments and organizations to distribute locally relevant TabSchool packages to as many schools as possible worldwide, we believe TabSchool has the potential to change the landscape of education globally.

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