We’re Going Global with Game-Based Learning

About Us

We believe all children should have choices for game-based learning on tablets.

Imagine educators and programmers from all over the world taking the best curricula and developing them into fun e-learning games.

Now, imagine a tablet that hosts hundreds of engaging and most importantly, educational, games and lessons. That’s TabSchool.

Our Mission

TabSchool aims to invigorate every child’s desire to learn. We simplify game creation for educators so that more children can have fun learning while playing games.

Our primary focus is to ensure that at-risk children have the chance to play games and learn fundamental skills, starting with literacy. For this reason, our platform is open-source and we offer tablets filled with curated games and other learning content to low-income schools around the world using the most efficient technology available.

Boost children’s learning while they play.

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How TabSchool Works

We’ve built 3 modes for using our Game Editor – Easy Mode, Translation Mode and Advanced Mode.

  • Easy Mode offers educators easy-to-use templates with which they can change backgrounds, characters and voiceovers to build games from scratch or customize existing games.
  • Translation Mode allows anyone to take an existing game and translate it into any language.
  • Advanced Mode is designed for programmers to get creative and build new templates that will expand the library of templates available to Easy Mode users.

Our goal is to mobilize a mass creation of e-learning games, animated lessons, videos, e-books and assessments to cover the gamut of academic and life skills taught in pre-school and early grades. Our Skills List Directory allow us to track which skills each game teaches, while our Curriculum Library provides a storehouse of Teaching-Learning Material that can be used to build TabSchool games.

The Need for e-Learning

Worldwide, an estimated 750 million people are illiterate today. Over 262 million children are out of school. In many parts of the world, especially in rural and economically distressed communities, there is a shortage of experienced, qualified teachers and an absence of a functioning educational system.

Technology has immense potential to reshape the global education landscape by making learning fun, selfpaced and accessible to all. Our innovative solution is part of a grlowing global movement to teach literacy and make learning meaningful.

Our founding

TabSchool is the brainchild of philanthropic business leader Robert Friedman, who started investing in e-learning programs in 2015 with Zaya Learning Labs. Rob was impressed by their technology, but it was a closed system and he had bigger plans. When he embarked on building the Vera Corazon School in Nicaragua with VisionsGlobalEmpowerment, Rob saw a dire lack of tools for teaching children literacy. That's when he started TabSchool, a 100% free, open-source platform, driven by world-wide collaboration.

About Visions Global Empowerment

TabSchool is an initiative of the educational non-profit organization, Visions Global Empowerment www.VisionsGlobalEmpowerment.org headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Visions’ mission is to enable social change through inclusive education, leadership development and educational technology for communities affected by poverty, conflict and disability. In India, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia and Nicaragua, Visions strives to empower local civil society by partnering with other nonprofits and institutions to develop meaningful, thoughtful, and long-term programs that serve the most vulnerable and disadvantaged populations.