About Us

The Global Reality

Worldwide, an estimated 750 million people are illiterate and over 263 million children are out of school. Moreover, hundreds of millions of children attend schools in classrooms that are under-resourced with educators that lack proper training. All of this translates to a chronic cycle of poverty and missed opportunities to explore one’s full potential.

Introducing TabSchool

A nonprofit initiative of the educational nonprofit organization Visions Global Empowerment, in partnership with philanthropist Robert Friedman, TabSchool is a collaborative, open-source digital platform that offers high quality e-learning games and resources through tablets to underserved children globally.

TabSchool aims to be a one-stop-shop for both creating and distributing e-learning content. TabSchool makes learning fun and easy, yields real learning results, and is accessible to anyone with the desire to learn -- regardless of where you live or what your socio-economic background may be.

Our Mission

TabSchool’s mission is to enable e-learning creation and distribution for marginalized children globally.

We aim to unlock the learning potential of underprivileged children around the world through our open-source platform and innovative, low-cost technology.

We are initially focused on the development of literacy content, as literacy is the building block upon which further learning is able to occur.

Fast Facts

Research shows that illiteracy is one of the greatest barriers to economic opportunity. Addressing these skills in a child’s early development, jumpstarts gains in other areas of academic achievement.
E-learning is an effective, innovative way to engage a child and to improve knowledge retention. Our games are designed to be customized by educators globally to meet individual teaching needs.
The e-learning market for underprivileged children often lacks quality content and tends to exclude non-English speakers. We believe an open source platform can:
  1. fuel collaboration,
  2. host varied curriculum for different learning styles, and
  3. provide easy access to education for children worldwide.
We distribute our platform through our “TabSchool packages”, featuring a simple laptop which acts as a server for 20 individual tablets. Our tablets can function offline and run off of renewable energy. The laptop is the only device requiring occasional internet access. Users can download new material from the TabSchool website and upload student progress. The tablets are meant to be cost-effective.

Our Team


Rob Friedman
Visionary Philanthropist


Greg Buie
Executive Director


Meera Pathmarajah
Education Director


Ivan Khaldeev
Chief Technology Officer


Roman Kupriyanov
Graphic Designer


Lou Liebau
Project Manager


Bethany Kreider
Program Manager


Grace Baker-Whitcomb
Program Officer


Johanna Trainer
Project Manager