We're Going Global with
Game-Based Learning.

About Us

Imagine having teachers and computer programmers / developers from all over the world collaborating to take the best curricula and then developing them into games so learning becomes fun and engaging. Now imagine a tablet, like an iPad but not quite as powerful and much cheaper, hosting thousands of game-based curricula, distilled down to a beautiful tab school that is engaging, fun and most importantly very educational. We present to you, TabSchool.

Our Mission

TabSchool aims to invigorate every child's desire to learn with e-learning games for every grade and every subject, starting with literacy.

We help programmers and educators collaborate to craft quality open-source games. The best ones are added to our virtual museum of e-learning resources, which we spread to low-income communities using the most efficient technology available.

Our founding

TabSchool is the brainchild of philanthropic business leader Robert Friedman, who started investing in e-learning programs in 2015 with Zaya Learning Labs. Rob was impressed by their technology, but it was a closed system and he had bigger plans. When he embarked on building the Vera Corazon School in Nicaragua with VisionsGlobalEmpowerment, Rob saw a dire lack of tools for teaching children literacy. That's when he started TabSchool, a 100% free, open-source platform, driven by world-wide collaboration.

About Visions Global Empowerment

TabSchool is an initiative of the educational non-profit organization, Visions Global Empowerment, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Visions aims to change patterns of equality by supporting educational initiatives for youth affected by poverty, conflict and disability. Since 2003, Visions has labored tirelessly to serve community needs and enable youth to improve their overall wellbeing through programs ranging from learning centers and leadership trainings to scholarships and beyond.