Got lesson plans, teaching materials or an entire curriculum you've created over the years? We'd like to buy them. Let's talk.

We're converting curriculum into e-learning games with these 3 tools:

E-Resource Bank.
Game Pitch.
Game Editor.

Here's how they work

The E-Resource Bank

We're calling upon educators around the world to upload your tried-and-tested materials on our platform. Once you donate or sell them to us, we'll store them in a resource bank that others can freely access.

Upload curriculum
Sample Game Pitch

Flying Balloon Blend

This literacy game teaches students to blend consonants with vowels. It is part of a storied game where an adventurous pig character jumps off of a roof and catches a balloon marked with the letter"a", then floats upwards and attaches onto another balloon marked with a consonant. The user must select...

The Game Pitch

Do you have an e-learning game idea? We want to hear it! Our platform will soon host a pitch space, where you can pitch your game idea, detail how the game works and explain what it teaches. The E-Resource bank can be used for inspiration and content. Developers from around the world can choose a pitch and begin programming.

The Game Editor

Our WYSIWYG editor makes game creation easy. Whether beginning or advanced, programmers can build games from scratch or take an existing game and enhance it with new designs, mechanics, voiceovers, translations and content. We'll award the best designed games with prizes and feature them on our platform.

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