Make minds fly.
Use your talent to build e-learning games.

Dear Programmer,

Are you a humanitarian at heart? Do you want to make a difference for children around the world?

If so, keep reading. We need your help to bring game-based learning to every child in the world.

Right now, we are finishing up the first version of our Game Editor. It's a WYSIWYG editor that provides templates to easily add educational content into existing game mechanics or to create new games from scratch. Basically' it simplifies game and content creation' allowing for new voiceovers, translations and e-books.

In a couple months, we'll release the editor and you can start building games for free. We'll also announce details about a competition you can enter to win prizes for designing high quality games.

Register on our platform today and we will notify you the moment we launch. We can't wait for you to starting building new games on our platform!

Thank you.
The TabSchool team