TabSchool Beta Testing

We are excited to share Beta versions of our foundational literacy games! Beta means they are still works in progress, so we would love to hear any feedback you have.

Note: The games were designed for Android tablets, but you can try testing them on any device.

3 Easy Steps To Get Started!

Step 1:
Create an account.

Register on the website, then click the link in your confirmation email to access the Beta Test portal.

Step 2:
Add a student from your dashboard.

Create as many student accounts as you’d like by answering just a few basic questions.

Step 3:
Click ‘PLAY’.

Access the student’s home screen to start playing!

Learning the Fun Way

Motivating children to learn while having fun is at the heart of all we do at TabSchool. Our literacy games, designed for 3- to 6- year-old native English speakers, are filled with a colorful variety of animated lessons, practice games, and engaging books. Each activity in our current literacy course aligns with the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework. We will soon release similar content in Spanish, and many more languages in the future!

Our Foundational Literacy Course

Our full literacy course includes 3 levels, 16 lessons, and over 300 activities. The course was designed by teachers in a way that mirrors a student’s journey through a year of preschool. Each activity takes only a few minutes to play, but together, they gradually build learners’ knowledge and skills related to letter recognition, letter-sounds, vocabulary, listening, writing, speaking, and much more. Learners can play 150+ activities with our initial beta release.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we release new activities and features!

We Want Your Feedback

We would love to hear any suggestions you have, as well as anything that learners really liked. By sharing your feedback, you will help us improve TabSchool’s content and help more children learn with games.

Share your Feedback

A Big Thank You To Our Partners!

TabSchool’s course content, created by a team of education and IT experts, has been elevated by contributions from commercial and non-profit partners, including individuals who have licensed their work under Creative Commons. We are always looking for new contributions, so please get in touch if you are interested in partnering with TabSchool!