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Because we are creating an open-source platform for educational learning games. Your lesson plans and TLM will become accessible to programmers who can help create customizable learning games for students around the world.


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Because education and technology are transforming the world. Knowledge sharing is the way forward. Why limit your impact as an educator to just a few schools and classrooms? Join our open-source community and impact students everywhere.

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Eventually our platform will accept all educational content, but for now, we are launching the platform with a focus on early Spanish Literacy. Here is our priority need:

  • Graded, leveled readers for early Spanish literacy
  • Children's stories, songs, rhymes, poems
  • Alphabet sounds, letters and phonemic awareness activities
  • Phonological awareness activities
  • Literacy lessons with a balanced approach that combines whole language and phonics-based strategies
  • Content relevant to students based in Latin America

Content should be designed specifically for one or more of the following grades:

  • Pre Kindergarten (ages 2-3)
  • Kindergarten (ages 4-5)
  • Grade 1 (ages 6-7)
  • Grade 2 (ages 7-8)